Terms and Conditions


Multi Serviços Ramos G. R. Lda from now denominated “Lessor” rents to the rents to the renter the vehicle described on this rental agreement. Signing this rental agreement the renter acknowledges and agrees with the following conditions that must be respected.

a) The amount to be payed by renter, will be according to the valid public tariff of written agreements.
b) The vehicle must be returned to the place, date and hour agreed otherwise will be considered as disappeared the insurance policy will be cancelled and the authorities informed.
c) the payment must be made in advance by the renter of anytime the lessor applies for that.
d) Extension of rental must be made with 24 hours notice with MULTI agreement and prepayment.
e) Is absolutely forbidden to tamper the odometer on pain of an extra payment.
f) The rental’s price do not include: any driver’s tines, even when are as a result of unsuitable use of vehicle washing parking, any court costs due to disregard of traffic regulation or standard use of vehicle.
g) Multi does not refund fuel.
h) The customer authorizes to be debited on the credit card the value of the deposit in case of lack of fuel, tolls and/or damages.
i) If the rental vehicle is returned before the delivery date and time mentioned in the rental agreement, the customer will not be refunded any amount already paid when accepting the same rental agreement.

a) The renter acknowledges that received the vehicle in good order and conditions, will all accessories, equipment and documents.
b) Renter agrees to return vehicle to place, date and hour specified as well as all accessories, equipment and documents.
c) Disregarding the last paragraph, renter is liable to pay fees and costs requested by lessor in the very same moment vehicle are returned.
d) An additional charge is due if vehicle is left on place not specified on this rental agreement or without lessor’s written consent.

a) Renter undertakes to keep said vehicle is left on place not specified on this rental agreement or without lessor’s written consent.
b) Renter is liable for normal preservation of vehicle his accessories, equipment and documents.
c) Lessor is responsible for mechanical failures of said vehicle, if all precautions and best efforts are used by renter to avoid them anyway, if the y occur renter must inform lessor.
d) The vehicle can not be used for: – to transport merchandise (except if the vehicle has that specific purpose). – in any illegal manner, including violation of legal laws. – to propel or low any vehicle or trailer. – to carry any passengers and/or any goods for a consideration. – in motor sports events. – by anyone under the influences of alcohol or any kind of drugs. – by drvers under 23 years old and a valid driving licence for less than two years. – for any all persons, except the renter or additional drivers authorized by the lessor.
e) The renter is expressly liable for conduct and possible damages caused by additional divers.

a) The rental prices include insurance against public liability valid in Portugal only, according to general conditions of automobile insurance policy, being however renter’s responsibility all damages caused on the vehicle said.
b) Non-waivable responsibility – is applied for any damages that may happen on the vehicle rented till the value stipulated and/or agreed, being the liability of the client.
c) Occupants insurance of the vehicle for medical expenses, death or permanent disablement in case of accident, can be established according to specif conditions of policy.
d) The lessor declines all responsibility for injury to third parties or damages to the vehicle which the renter may cause during the rental period if he has wilfully supplied the lessor with false information as to his identification, address, driving license”Theres is no insurance coverage for such event”.
e) The insurances are valid in Portugal only. The renter may request to the lessor authorization to go abroad and for that will be due the payment of assistance tax.
f) The inobservance of the conditions exposed on paragraph nº 3 , result the cancelation of all coverage, being the expenses supported by the renter.
g) Lessor declines all responsibility for losses, thefts, or damages on carried goods of the renter or someone.
h) The included insurance does not cover damage caused by tires, glass, locks or loss of keys as well as accidents resulting from alcohol or drugs.

a) The renter further agrees to take all necessary steps to protect the interests of the lessor and of this insurance company in case of accident during the term of this rental agreement. – Multi is not responsible for accidents not reported to the police. – do not move or let move the vehicle after the accident, without having all necessary information and date from the accident. – not leave the vehicle without having taken adequate protective measures. – not admit guilt or liability of the accident – find out full identification of parties involved full details of insurances policies, addressed such as the ones from witnesses. – to fill in the lessor accident report and cooperate with him.
b) When a rental car is returned damaged a “loss of use” charge can be applied to cover the potencial revenue lost when the vehicle is off the road for repairs in the amount of a day’s rental for that vehicle while the period of repair.

6º DATA PROTECTION GDPR The personal data collected on this contract was provided under the customer consent, and comply with the requirements of the rules set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

No amendments of terms and conditions of flus rental, agreement are valid unless reduced to writing. The applicable law is the Portuguese and both parties agree to submit themselves to the Court of the Lagos Forum.